Curriculum Overview

St Mary’s Primary School offers a wide ranging curriculum covering the key learning areas: Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Science, LOTE, Technology, Study of Society and the Environment, Health and Physical Education and The Arts.

Central to our delivery of curriculum is our beliefs about learners and learning. We believe that every learner is like all others, like some others and like no other. We therefore have high expectation of all students that they will achieve success and contribute positively to the community.

As teachers we model the Gospel of Jesus by providing interesting, relevant and engaging learning activities, modified where necessary to cater to all learners. Teachers are constantly developing and reviewing school based programmes and units of work in order to meet the needs of students and our dynamically changing society.

Our aim is that our students will develop as lifelong, reflective, self-directed learners who will be

  • Community contributors
  • Quality producers
  • Active investigators
  • Effective communicators
  • Designers and creators
  • Leaders and collaborators